Ralf IngwersenRalf Ingwersen
has been teaching SAT and ACT Test Prep since the year 2000, and has successfully raised scores for thousands of students

Mr. I’s Background

He began teaching in the midst of a successful broadcasting career as both a radio morning show personality and TV sportscaster.

Ralf is still broadcasting; he’s the voice of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! world-wide radio “Oddcast” and occasionally hosts shows on WFOY and WFCF in St. Augustine, Florida, the Nation’s Oldest City, where he, his wife and two children reside.

I’ve always been very aware that the best way for my message to resonate is with humor, so my class is a show — a well-prepared, purposely fun, and very informative show!

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My Philosophy?

Show them What They’re Up Against!

I show the kids EXACTLY how they’re getting messed with. I give them simple, easy-to-understand strategies that empower them to effectively wage battle against everything the SAT and ACT test-makers have to offer, from the tricky Evidence-Based Reading questions to the almost incomprehensible ACT Science stuff to the stark differences in the Essay portions of each test. Learn more about my program.

I help them fight back. And I make it fun – and fast!
Believe me, there’s not a kid on planet Earth who thinks my class is boring.

I’m NOT focusing on what your student has already learned. Other programs miss the point. I’m focusing on how to navigate these tests specifically. All the google maps and GPS devices in the world can’t help you navigate a strange new city as well as the friendly local who takes your hand and shows you around town for a few hours. That’s what I do!

The SAT and ACT are messing with your kid and laughing at the “confused” tourist. Don’t let that happen to them … check out my program.